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WORTH THE WRESTLE,” by Sheri Dew, Deseret Book, $16.99, 104 pages (nf)

In a wrestling competition, it isn’t necessarily the strongest one who wins.

“Winning wrestlers learn to leverage their strength to subdue, overpower and defeat their opponents,” Sheri Dew writes in her new book “Worth the Wrestle.” “Spiritual wrestling leverages the strength of true doctrine to overpower over weaknesses, over wavering faith and our lack of knowledge. Spiritual wrestlers are seekers.”

Having sincere questions that don’t seem to have ready answers doesn’t necessarily mean the lack of a testimony. If the questioner is willing to work for the answers with a backdrop of faith, then answers will come, Dew writes.

“Worth the Wrestle” is divided into six chapters sharing “Questions are Good,” “Wrestling,” “Receiving Answers,” “Walking by Faith,” “Cherishing Keys” and “Standing as a Witness.”

Using experiences from when she taught an LDS Institute of Religion class, her own life, including when she served as a counselor in the Relief Society general presidency, the scriptures, from the history of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and others, she shares a variety of circumstances and situations when wrestling with a question has taken time, study, faith, humility, introspection and prayer to come to an answer.

She also points to the importance of learning to seek and how to listen to the Holy Ghost.

“I learned that questions can be instruments for growth,” Dew writes of experiences she had as a college student and as she worked as an editor-in-training at a Salt Lake City publisher with a seasoned editor and with scholar Truman G. Madsen on his manuscript. “I learned that the Lord will respond to sincere questions.”

“Worth the Wrestle” is filled with guidance and instructions that are meaningful and can be applied to many different situations. It’s a heartfelt and honest assessment of asking questions in faith and how to seek answers that take work and spiritual leveraging.

Dew authored the biographies of LDS Church Presidents Gordon B. Hinckley and Ezra Taft Benson and is the author several other books, including “Women and the Priesthood.”

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