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POSSIBILITIES: Partnering with God to Become Your Best Self,” by Kiersten Lortz, Covenant Communications, $13.99, 147 pages (nf)

Kiersten Lortz felt “stuck.” As she wrote in her new self-help book “Possibilities: Partnering with God to Become Your Best Self,” by age 30 she felt unfilled and like the life she was living wasn’t the one she’d hoped for.

A member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, she decided to turn to God for help. She had struggled with depression too, and she sought change. The answer God gave, she writes, was a prompting to write a book. Though writing a book had never been part of her plan, she set about to do it. And “Possibilities: Partnering with God to Become Your Best Self” was produced.

Through this process, Lortz has become happier, more fulfilled, and managed to get herself “unstuck.” Through this book, she is seeking to inspire other women to do the same.

This book follows the process Lortz discovered to get “unstuck.” It is divided into 11 chapters with subheadings for easy readability. Lortz covers steps and guides the reader through getting “unstuck.” She discusses topics such as setting goals, understanding that failure happens, improving prayer and enduring to the end.

Lortz writes with a conversational tone, addressing the reader directly. She tells very personal stories with sincerity and real emotion, and she shares the stories of other women who have shared their stories with her. These personal expressions help the book be relatable. The book is peppered with rhetorical questions that guide the reader to reflect on her life and how to apply the principles and ideas set forth by the author.

Although written primarily for LDS women like Lortz, she emphasized in a foreword that her message is for all Christian women. In addition to the stories, she also draws from the Book of Mormon and the Bible. She quotes LDS leaders as well. For terms that are better known to LDS members, she has helpfully included simple explanatory footnotes, useful to all readers.

In addition to writing and speaking to women about creating great lives, Lortz is a musician and music teacher. She lives in Maryland with her husband and their four children.

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