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LAUGH AND LEARN,” by Hank Smith and Jason Hewlett, Covenant Communications, $12.99, 80 minutes (ages 12 and up)

“Laugh and Learn” is a DVD hosted by two funny, inspirational speakers who share Mormon-themed messages for youths. Hank Smith, a seminary teacher for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and speaker, shares the stage with newcomer Jason Hewlett, a professional presenter.

The setting for the 80-minute DVD presentation is a stage containing two chairs and with the two presenters. Smith leads the presentation and introduces Hewlett to the audience, who are teenagers dressed in Sunday attire.

Smith is known for his humor and entertaining approach to gospel teaching and his presentations at BYU Education Week are always packed. His presentation on this DVD is consistent and entertaining. His funny voices, knowledge of the gospel and self-deprecating manner are charming.

Hewlett commands the stage with his engaging personality, rubber face and dinosaur impersonations. One minute he is rolling around on the stage imitating his young son saying evening prayers and the next minute he’s running around the stage with wild eyes and flicking tongue pretending to be a velociraptor.

Rather than a structured presentation, Smith uses a free-form style to direct himself and Hewlett. They take turns responding to topics such as prayer, marriage, children, using social media for good and the Holy Ghost.

The last 16 minutes of the DVD is a separate segment containing a question-and-answer period with youths from the audience. Each approaches an open microphone and asks questions while both speakers provide answers to a number of interesting questions such as the times when the speakers have felt the Holy Spirit the most to handling requests for impersonations.

Smith and Hewlett work well together and feed off of each other’s energy. Even though there are a bunch of fun segments on the DVD, Smith does share several serious gospel-themed messages with content appropriate for families, youths and children. Hewlett shares his gospel experiences as well.

“Laugh and Learn” is a great combination of humor and spirituality.

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