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SALT LAKE CITY — Did you know that Miami Dolphins’ long snapper John Denney also plays the violin at family events, dinner parties, church meetings and weddings?

“I grew up playing at a young age,” Denney said in a video. “On occasion even now, when I get a chance I will play for friends and family at an event of their requesting.”

Denney displayed a sample of his musical talents in connection with a contest sponsored by CBS, Sports Illustrated and the NFL Players Association called “MVP: Most Valuable Performer.” The contest is an effort to find players who can “sing, juggle, perform magic or any other unique skill,” according to

Videos of players’ talents will be shared during the month of December and fans can vote for their favorite performances. Players who do well in the contest who don’t make the NFL postseason will compete in a one-hour CBS special in Hollywood on Jan. 25 with the winner being named at the end of the show.

In Week 1, Denney, a 12-year veteran of the Dolphins who served a Mormon mission in New Jersey, is competing with the likes of Carolina running back Jonathan Stewart, who plays the piano; Cincinnati receiver A.J. Green, who can juggle; Arizona cornerback Justin Bethel, who plays the drums; Buffalo defensive end Eddie Yarbrough, who plays the ukulele; New England twin brothers Jacob and Cody Hollister, who sing and play guitar; Denver offensive lineman Max Garcia, who sings; and Los Angeles Chargers’ tackle Joe Barksdale, who plays the guitar.

Denney began playing the violin at age 5 as part of a deal he made with his mother, he told

“If he wanted to play a sport, he had to play a musical instrument as well,” the website reported. “Although he dragged his feet every step of the way, today he’s happy to have 30-plus years of talent invested in the violin to go along with his 10-plus years as long snapper for the Dolphins.”

Denney played football at Ricks College before transferring to play at BYU from 2001-2003.

To vote for Denney or see videos of the other NFL performers, click here.

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