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Despite the end of the holiday season, this week’s Mormon Mentions focus on the knowledge of a loving Heavenly Father and the miracle of the Savior’s Atonement.

Lindsey Stirling shared her testimony of prayer along with a photo of she and her band praying on their Christmas tour.

“My parents used to gather us together for family prayer, so I brought this to my tour family,” Stirling wrote. “We say a tour family prayer together before we go on stage each night. We pray for each other and for the audience. I bet we’ve prayed for many of you.”

GENTRI released a music video for the debut track off their album “Hymns,” which will be released Jan. 12. The hymn in the video, “Be Still My Soul,” was arranged by Stephen Nelson who shares that he composed the arrangement as a missionary following the passing of his mother.

“What I learned from this is that God was waiting for me, I did feel that peace, I did feel that relief and that came when I finally surrendered to God. It became more bearable and I had something to lean on. I didn’t feel so alone in the whole experience,” Nelson said in the video.

A former Ms. Virginia and champion of modesty, Bekah Pence Sorensen shared a video of a song she wrote titled, “I Choose To Believe,” on her Facebook.

“My hope is that as you listen to the words and music that it may touch and inspire. I know the music/singing isn’t perfect but I hope it’s good enough to help some,” she wrote in the post with the song. “I firmly believe that ‘When words fail, music speaks.’ I believe that even if I saw all the signs and wonders that one could ask for, I would still have to CHOOSE to believe what I decide to believe. I believe in a merciful God, who loves us. A Savior who suffered, died, and who lives for us. And I believe in new beginnings and faith in imperfect, yet good people. This is why I Choose To Believe. Happy New Year!!”

Tim Gates of the Nashville Tribute Band shares his testimony of the Book of Mormon in a new video published by Gates recalled his mother surprising him by putting the Book of Mormon on CD in his truck.

“So instead of driving around with the speakers blaring with George Strait or Steve Wariner or all of those country music singers, I drove around listening to these great stories in the Book of Mormon,” Gates said.

The gesture by his mother instilled in Gates a love for the Book of Mormon and the prophets who wrote in its pages.

“When I was listened to George Strait sing, I wanted so bad to sing like him,” Gates said. “But when I put that Book of Mormon in my CD player, I wanted so bad to be like these great men and they were prophets. They taught people how to be like Christ, how to live like Christ and how to get closer to Christ. And they became heroes just like the country music singers were to me and it changed my life.”

The Facebook page of Elder David A. Bednar, a member of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, taught that “the purposes of keeping the Sabbath day holy and attending the temple are the same and work together to strengthen us spiritually as individuals and in our homes.”

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