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This week’s Mormon Mentions are all tributes to the life and ministry of President Thomas S. Monson, the 16th president of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, who passed away last week at the age of 90.

Marie Osmond’s tribute to President Monson called him a personal friend who helped her gain “a clearer vision of heavenly family reunions in the life hereafter.” He supported her at her parents’ and son’s funeral services. She also reflected on an experience when President Monson came down to Provo, Utah, to give her mother a blessing. He said he was simply following the Lord’s list of priorities that day.

“President Monson taught me then the importance of always carrying a little notebook in my purse or pocket. He said, ‘When the Spirit speaks, write it down immediately.’ At the end of the day, make sure you do God’s List first before you check off your own list of ‘To do’s.”


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On January 12, 2018, our LDS prophet #ThomasSMonson will be laid to rest. I would like to dedicate my Sunday message to this incredible leader and personal friend who has helped me gain a clearer vision of heavenly family reunions in the life hereafter. He consoled me at my parents’ funeral services and gave me full hope and a renewed promise of life after death during my son Michael’s service. I will truly miss his great counsel and spirit. One of my favorite stories he shared with me was when he came down to Provo, Utah, and gave my dear mother a blessing when she suffered a massive stroke. He said he was just following the Lord’s List that day. President Monson taught me then the importance of always carrying a little notebook in my purse or pocket… He said, “When the Spirit speaks, write it down immediately.” One of my favorites quotes by President Monson: “We Watch. We wait. We listen for that still, small voice. When it speaks, wise men and women obey. We do not postpone… promptings of the Spirit.” Read the rest of the story on my Facebook page. @thomas.s.monson, you continue to be a disciple of Christ, a humble man who is always on the Lord’s errand and a true inspiration. Thank you for your dedication to our Savior. And to all of you, #Happy #Sunday! ???????? #HisDay #BelovedLDSProphet #followthespirit #lovehim #RIPThomasSMonson

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