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Posts on happiness came in all shapes, sizes and forms in this week’s Mormon Mentions. In the case of vlogger Ellie Mecham, happiness meant an adult-sized mermaid tail for hanging out at the pool; for Studio C’s Mallory Everton, it meant the creation of caramel flavored M&M’s. Lexi Walker also recorded her first original song in a music studio. And for those looking to increase happiness, don’t forget the tips and testimonies on social media from general authorities on the best ways to improve personal attitude and to help others feel loved.

Walker had a memorable moment at the recording studio this week as she did vocals for her first original song. “Covers are fun but doing your own music is the best!” she said on Instagram.

Walker also tweeted a YouTube video of her singing the Canadian national anthem in honor of upcoming Canada Day.

When BYU students spot a walkie talkie on the ground and try to return it to the owner, they’re in for a treat — literally. Watch this hilarious clip of how Random Acts rigs a vending machine for those who are willing to lend a helping hand.

BYU professor Hank D. Smith tweeted about the importance of going out and serving others. According to a recent Deseret News article, Smith discussed the most effective ways on how to increase happiness in his new book, “Be Happy: Simple Secrets to a Happier Life.”

David Archuleta is hopping across the United States this week, performing both in Denver and St. Louis with his band.

Archuleta also had time to stop in New Mexico on his travels and spent time with some of his family.

Donny Osmond reflected on a surreal moment when he checked into a room for the night and saw an advertisement of him and Marie Osmond on the Flamingo Hotel in Las Vegas. The advertisement has been there for a total of nine years, he said, and his show has been voted No. 1 for three years in a row.

Watch a snippet of Al Fox Carraway’s recording of her audiobook on her Instagram post:

Bri Ray tweeted about her opportunity to perform in Rexburg, Idaho, over the weekend and thanked fans for attending.

Mermaid tails aren’t just for kids at the pool, tweeted vlogger Jared Mecham, sharing a photo of his wife in some of her own special pink fins.

Alex Boye is performing tonight in Salt Lake City at the Hilton Hotel.

Ashley Romney’s Book of Mormon study group will be running from July 1 to Sept. 28. Romney posted a reading schedule on Instagram for the group, which will be reading the entire Book of Mormon in 90 days.

Spencer W. McBride, an editor of the Joseph Smith Papers, tweeted on Tuesday, June 27 about the martyrdom of the Prophet Joseph Smith in 1844.

Taking a comedic twist on a quote by Elder Jeffrey R. Holland, “We get credit for trying, even if we don’t always succeed,” Twitter user Abbey Smiley Truj posted a picture of a sacrament program that went horribly wrong.

Family history volunteers gathered in Sacramento on Monday with members of the California Legislative Black Caucus who were celebrating Juneteenth, or the end of slavery, in the United States. Post Civil-War records and family history resources were available at the gathering to help attendees do their genealogy. The names of 1,781,463 individuals who were previously enslaved African-Americans have now been made available to the public, reported Mormon Newsroom.

Rob Landes performed lullabies of a different kind to try to help a mommy blogger’s baby fall sleep.

Studio C’s Mallory Everton is more than a little excited about M&M’s new caramel flavored candy:

The Holy Ghost is more than a comforter, said President Henry B. Eyring’s Facebook account. Sharing Doctrine & Covenants 11:12, he stated that the Holy Ghost leads individuals to do good in order to help “someone else receive comfort from God” as well.

President Russell M. Nelson’s Twitter account reminded followers to study “The Living Christ” document. President Nelson also spoke about the importance of studying the life of the Savior in his April 2017 general conference address. “I am a different man!” he declared in his talk, referencing his experience of reading and underlining every citation about Christ in the Topical Guide.

The Chapel: Our Sabbath Sanctuary,” was shared in a post on Elder M. Russell Ballard’s Facebook account on Wednesday afternoon. In the message, Elder Ballard stated that it is vital for members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to prepare for sacrament meetings on Sunday by putting away technology and instead reflecting on the mission of the Savior.

Tuesday, June 27, marked 173 years since the Prophet Joseph Smith and his brother Hyrum Smith were martyred in Carthage Jail by an angry mob in 1844. Elder David A. Bednar’s Facebook account declared that while the Prophet’s enemies hoped his death would prevent the gospel from spreading, the opposite has been true. Instead, it continues to “roll forth throughout the world in great majesty and ever-increasing power,” Elder Bednar said.

Elder D. Todd Christofferson’s Facebook account posted a message of the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon on Wednesday. “My own conversion is rooted in the Book of Mormon and the gospel teachings so plainly expounded therein,” said Elder Christofferson in the post. “And as I continue to study the Book of Mormon, the Spirit continues to deepen and expand my understanding and continues to bear witness of the truth. Thus, my conversion continues to deepen and expand,” he said.

“What specific doctrine, correctly understood, would motivate me to accept and make necessary changes in my life?” Elder Dale G. Renlund’s Facebook account asked on Tuesday this week. Identifying that doctrine and studying it will lead to improved behavior better than any other resource, the post said.

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