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Who owns religion? Who gets to say what is right or wrong, fact or fiction about any religious tradition?

Religious believers and scholars of religion don’t always see eye to eye on this question. In this episode, Dr. Ravi Gupta joins us to talk about where the academic study of religion meets the practice of religion. Gupta is a practicing Hindu, and a scholar of Hinduism. He was here at BYU’s Maxwell Institute on October 3rd delivering a lecture called “Who Owns Religion: A Hindu Perspective on Being a Disciple Scholarship.” If you’ve ever felt uncomfortable with academic approaches to religion, or if you’ve wondered as a scholar how best to interact with believers of the traditions you study, Dr. Gupta has much to offer you.

About the Guest

Ravi M. Gupta is the Charles Redd Professor of Religious Studies and Director of the Religious Studies Program at Utah State University. He is the author or editor of four books, including an abridged translation of the Bhagavata Purana (with Kenneth Valpey), published in 2016 by Columbia University Press. Ravi completed his doctorate in Hindu Studies at Oxford University. He lectures around the world on topics related to Vaishnava philosophy and Hindu devotional traditions.




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