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SALT LAKE CITY — Moments after Philadelphia’s 41-33 Super Bowl victory over New England, Eagles’ head coach Doug Pederson began his postgame remarks by expressing his Christian faith.

“I can only give the praise to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for giving me this opportunity,” Pederson told NBC’s Dan Patrick.

Pederson was one of several Philadelphia team members to reference their Christian beliefs in the aftermath of their Super Bowl LII triumph.

“It’s all about the faith, it’s all about our family, and then it’s all about the Philadelphia Eagles, and it’s in that order,” Pederson said in a post-Super Bowl press conference (see the 5:10 mark of the following video). “We have a great group of guys, resilient group, and that’s what keeps me grounded. My faith keeps me grounded every single day. I just come to work, I’m the same person, and I don’t ever want to change. I love this environment, however, and hopefully we can win a couple more of these.”

When Philadelphia tight end Zach Ertz was asked about scoring the game-winning touchdown, he responded this way:

“I better score,” Ertz said (see 6:00 mark of this YouTube video). “I mean glory to God, first and foremost. We wouldn’t be here without him. This team is amazing.”

Holding his daughter in his right arm, Eagles’ MVP quarterback Nick Foles (see 6:45 of the same video) also gave “all glory to God.”

“To be here with my daughter, my wife, my family and my teammates, this city, we’re very blessed,” Foles said.

Last November, the Eagles released a video illustrating the camaraderie of their team and how their Christian faith unified them. Players referred to their faith as a “binding force,” according to

“Saturday nights, we actually get together the night before the game, and pray, just kind of talk through the word, what guys have been reading, what they are struggling with, and just kind of keep it real with each other,” quarterback Carson Wentz said in the video. “To have that here, in an NFL facility like this, it’s really special.”

Backup quarterback Chase Daniel, who hosted a weekly Bible study, said the Eagles were “by far the most spiritual team” he has played for, according to

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