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Over seven million new family history records will now be available on thanks to volunteers around the world who participated in the 2017 Worldwide Indexing Event on October 20–22.

Throughout the event, nearly 80,000 people worked to transcribe historical documents to make them searchable online, including over 9,000 first-time FamilySearch indexing volunteers. Participants represented 116 countries, 10 languages, and all ages, making this a true worldwide event. The following number of volunteers joined the event:

  • Africa and the Pacific: 1,272
  • Asia: 1,670
  • Europe and the Middle East: 2,880
  • Latin America North: 3,605
  • Latin America South: 10,720
  • North America: 53,327


Total number of records indexed

These people selflessly dedicated their time over a three-day period to make essential genealogy records available to the public. With their help, countless people worldwide will be able to discover their ancestors.

Many volunteers took to Facebook and other social media websites to share their progress. Thom Reed, a FamilySearch employee who hosted a family indexing event, said, “We ended on such a high note tonight being able to index with friends! Congrats to everyone from around the world who participated!” Others posted pictures of youth groups indexing together or published comments expressing the joy indexing brought them. One person posted that she indexed four times the number of records she typically indexes in a day! To see some of the posts people shared as well as FamilySearch updates that went live throughout the event, visit the Facebook event page.

Volunteers can help others find their ancestors by indexing records throughout the year. If you missed the event, you can still join the cause of indexing records. As Dorothy Gurney commented, “[The worldwide indexing event] has sparked in me the desire to continue and do more—much more!” Visit to get started or to continue your efforts.

Nearly 80,000 people participated in the 2017 Worldwide Indexing Event People around the world indexed with FamilySearch during the Worldwide Indexing Event. Over 7 million new records have been indexed on FamilySearch!

Download the full infographic here.


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